Vermont Salvage Launches Website

Celebrating our 25th year salvaging New England, we have a present for everyone:

A new and improved website!

Visit to check it out. 

Our new website accurately features Vermont Salvage’s ever-changing inventory and will now offer the convenience of online shopping. Look for the shopping cart. You will now be able to select items, opt for in-store pick-up or shipping, and submit your order to confirm availability, finalize cost and place a hold on the item pending your final acceptance and payment.

For those of you with interesting items to sell and no time for auctions or hassle, we’ve added a brand new consignment page. If you’re unsure of your property’s value we’ve also included a convenient appraisal service that will provide you with a written report within a few days. Take advantage of our 25 years in the architectural salvage business to price your items right or to cosign it in our store.

It seems like the economy is heading in the right direction and salvage jobs are picking up, which means we’re bringing in new items all the time.  Stay tuned to our website and these blogs to be the first to learn about unique New England antique items near and dear to all of our hearts.  It’s true – every item tells a story.

WE NEED YOU!  If you know of any salvage opportunities in your neighborhood, just send us a quick email and you might earn a finder’s fee.  No job is too big or too small.  If we are able to procure items from your tip, we will gladly send along a monetary thank you.   We’re all in this together and rely on our loyal customers to help us build the next 25 years of Vermont Salvage. 

Thanks for reading this blog and please visit us online or in beautiful downtown White River Junction.  Remember to dress appropriately for the unheated warehouse.

Thank you, from Jesse, Scott and the crew.

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1 Response to Vermont Salvage Launches Website

  1. Nicole says:

    The blog looks great! I’m on a mission now to earn a finder’s fee for myself!

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